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Pre-owned Kittinger Furniture, Kindel Furniture, Baker Furniture and Saybolt-Cleland Furniture


It has been our pleasure to serve various clients over the past thirty years including Governmental Agencies, historic homes in and around the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area, law firms and other professional offices as well as private individuals. We thank them all for their patronage.

Franklin Portrait
Benjamin Franklin desk by Kittinger Furniture Company
Benjamin Franklin desk by Kittinger Furniture Company

This reproduction of Benjamin Franklin's Desk made by Kittinger Furniture Company was recently acquired from us by The National Park Service for The Independence Living History Center in Philadelphia as part of Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday Celebration.

"Why you will love Americana Furniture and Interiors"

Discovering George Harrison and Americana Furniture and Interiors on the web was like a dream come true. I had been looking for some time at some specific antiques to fill various voids in our home and just could not find the right look and the quality at a price that was affordable. Then I discovered Americana Interiors on the web!

Jillian & Phil

There was the Gold Gilded Mirror, CWLG6, I had long sought and thought I would never find. Then other pieces caught my eye, more mirrors for bare walls, a great Williamsburg Piecrust Tea Table, CW24, vintage Williamsburg Floor Candlestands and a magnificent Williamsburg Rococo Sofa, CW174.

My list lengthened. Finally I mustered the courage to share the news with my wife and she became excited too! Then we called Mr. Harrison, and we love his unique manner of salesmanship. Mr. Harrison is instructive and informative. When you inquire about an item that is for sale, one not only knows the price, but the history, construction and craftsmanship that goes into the piece.

We felt totally comfortable with the pricing and the procedure for the shipping of the furniture to our home in the Midwest. It was effortless on our part. Everything delivered was exactly as presented. The delivery service used by Mr. Harrison was courteous and respectful.

It was one of the best buys we have ever made in our 20-year quest to furnish our home in the 18th century manner. I cannot choose which of the pieces acquired from Americana Furniture and Interiors I like the most, since each piece rewards the eye everyday.

My wife and I agree, we feel blessed to have met and befriended George, and we guarantee that you will feel exactly the same way.

Yours Truly,

Jillian & Phil

Serpentine Chest
National Trust For Historic Preservation 85-002 Cliveden Serpentine Chest By Kindel Furniture Company

"I recently purchased a Kindel reproduction Jonathan Gostelowe serpentine chest of drawers from George Harrison at Americana Furniture and Interiors. After two years of George's searching, he found me the perfect piece. The transaction was seamless and enjoyable. George is very knowledgeable and responsive, and I hope to purchase other pieces from him in the future. I wish all merchants were like George — trustworthy, fair and accessible."

New Jersey

Dear George and Linda,

National Trust for Historic Preservation 85-844 Cliveden Desk and Bookcase by Kindel Furniture Company

It was such a pleasure to discover Americana Furniture and Interiors, to meet George Harrison, and to view the beautifully displayed collection in the Harrisons’ period historic home. The selection and quality of the fine antique reproduction furniture is superb. Mr. Harrison’s knowledge and expertise, in addition to their cabinetmaker and other resources, are amazing. Within just a few months, George found for us 3 masterful case pieces and a lovely gilded mirror.

For years my husband and I have enjoyed visiting the museums where the originals of many of these pieces reside, as the finest extant examples of their time. These faithful reproductions blend well with antiques, and have a grace all their own. We were also attracted by the multiple manufacturers in which the Harrisons specialize, as well as bench-made pieces, giving us more choices in decorating our home with period style furnishings that are extremely solid and in the 18th century style we love.

The Harrisons are so well known in this market that both those who wish to acquire or liquidate such pieces know them as the “it” source. Even if not currently in stock, they can locate the pieces a client desires, often quickly. Or the search will continue until they are found. The inventory is surprisingly affordable and an excellent value.

George and Linda are as particular as we are about quality and condition. It is not so much their business as it is their passion; matching up these fine furnishings with those who will truly appreciate and respect them. Americana Furniture and Interiors has earned our highest recommendation and confidence.

Cheryl P.

Wing chair
HN 9 Historic Newport Wing Chair By Kittinger

Dear George,

After thirty years of searching for the perfect wing chair, an antique collector friend of mine suggested that I contact Americana Furniture Interiors in Rydal, Pennsylvania, because he had done business with them in the past and was very satisfied. Their on-line website displayed the wing chair of my dreams — an Historic Newport HN9 reproduction by the Kittinger Furniture Company with scrolled wings and arms and ball and claw feet. The owner of the company, George E. Harrison III, was most helpful and charming — he even introduced me to Hendricks Gin, a rose petal infused Gin with which I toasted the arrival of my new beauty. Even the driver/delivery man of the Vintage Transport Company was efficient, careful, and charming. A fine experience all around and I love, love, love this chair!

Thank you George

Diana M. H., New York

Dear George,

Bench-Made Nicholas Brown Tea Table by John Goddard

I first became aware of Americana Furniture & Interiors through its website, which is quite good with its detailed description of each piece of furniture. But it is nothing, however, when compared to the in depth knowledge provided by its proprietor, George Harrison.

George took the time to explain how each piece came about with their full history. The detailed information of his furniture was unparalleled, no doubt, due to his passion and inquisitive mind throughout his career. As I am based in Bangkok, Thailand, I was reluctant to purchase any high priced products without seeing them in person. After many phone calls to George, I decided to purchase a number of pieces, to include a bench-made copy of the Nicholas Brown Tea Table by John Goddard and Kittinger’s Historic Newport Secretary Desk, among others.

1957 Bentley Continental S1 HJ Mulliner Fastback Coupe

Another interest George and I share is fine classic cars. Being the owner of a 1957 Bentley Continental S1 HJ Mulliner Fastback Coupe, I am quick to recognize what fine craftsmanship is all about. In acquiring a classic car, not unlike fine furniture, you look for the best condition car you can find, as you want to keep restoration to minimum. I was pleasantly surprised when the pieces arrived. They look exquisite with deep luster and the right patina. The experience has really opened to my eyes to high-end furniture, with exceedingly fine quality.

Thank you, George, for introducing me to another finer thing in life.

Best Regards

Surin V.
Bangkok, Thailand


Dear Americana Furniture and Interiors,

In dealing with Americana Furniture and Interiors it has been my experience that one of the things you can always count on with its owner, George Harrison, is his detailed description regarding the condition of his inventory. George only takes in pieces that are in superb condition. I have bought several items that are truly in the same condition as the day they were originally made, some 30-50 years ago.

Yes, by George, you can count on what George tells you about his pieces, or if you prefer seeing the pieces in person, as my wife and I did, simply make an appointment with George and see for yourself. You may even be surprised at the depth of what his collection includes.

Yours Truly

Robert F.

Knowing George for over thirty years and being aware of his traditional design skills made Americana Furniture & Interiors a natural choice for the design and furnishing of my business office.

As the grandson of Dr. W. A. R. Goodwin, former Rector of The Bruton Parish Church, in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and who also contributed to the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, I naturally gravitated towards George's life-long passion for the Williamsburg style, which dovetailed with my objectives.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend George and his company, Americana Furniture & Interiors, for his furnishings, the preservation of Kittinger Furniture and design services to anyone seeking the very best.

Thank you again George.

E. H. Goodwin, Jr.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Williamsburg Clifton High Chest

Benchmade Lowboy

I have known and bought furniture from George Harrison for well over a decade. Although the Company is called Americana Furniture & Interiors, it is George and his wife, Linda, that are the Company.

I am as discerning and detailed-oriented a buyer and collector of fine art, furniture, silver and decorative art , as exists. So much that, my own wife on occasion accuses me of being obsessive-compulsive. She may not be entirely wrong. Having said the foregoing as my preamble as to the type of customer I am, there is no one, and I mean no one, who provides quality, knowledge and service like George. George is unrelenting in providing the finest furniture, the best decorative arts, in silver and in finding the unattainable.

George and Linda know our home, one of the oldest and original homes in our community, called "Four Chimneys". We have ten fireplaces and over the last decade plus, George has found antique screens and equipment appropriate for each. He has found furniture for each of our rooms and he has been meticulous in selecting just the right fabric for each piece to enhance the furniture and make the room perfect. His upholsterer has done flawless work for us and is second to none. His cabinet-maker, well if there is a better one out there, I haven't found him. You should see the bench-made lowboy that George found to go with our Williamsburg Henry Clifton High Chest. It is a perfect match.

So here it is in a nutshell. I consider George and Linda to be close and dear friends. There is, in my opinion, no individual or company in America that provides the quality, knowledge, attention to detail and breadth of service that George and Linda Harrison provide at Americana Furniture & Interiors. It is my pleasure to know and do business with the Harrisons.

Richard C., Esquire
"Four Chimneys," Pennsylvania

I wanted to thank you for going “above and beyond” and making this a very happy Thanksgiving. I understand that I have Linda to thank in no small measure for the timely delivery — please thank her for us.

I rearranged the room to show off the new ‘stars’ to best advantage. I look forward to working with you in the future to upgrade some other pieces.

The entire experience working with you has been such a pleasure; your expert knowledge is a real joy to share!


Margaret D.

Ernest LoNano Benchmade Lowboy

Albert Sack, in his now classic reference book, Fine Points of Furniture, uses three measures of quality to evaluate American furniture: Good, Better and Best. This rating system can be applied to dealers in fine reproduction furniture, as well. George and Linda Harrison transcend these classifications; they are Beyond the Best.

Operating from their period decorated home in Rydal, Pennsylvania, George and Linda Harrison own and manage this country’s finest reproduction showrooms, Americana Furniture and Interiors. The testimonials from clients on their website bespeak their reputation for quality, integrity and fairness.

Avid collectors themselves and a dealer for over three decades in fine furniture and decorative accessories, the Harrisons possess an encyclopedic knowledge of America’s best furniture reproduction makers. Each piece in their inventory includes a detailed description and a condition report. The pricing is affordable with an added bonus of the aesthetic satisfaction that comes from owning scarce quality furniture.

If a sought after or wish list item is not currently available, George will search and usually locate the piece for your consideration. He shares his expertise in a low key manner that inspires confidence and gratitude in both the veteran and the new collector. Upon request, the Harrison’s offer superlative restoration and period correct appropriate upholstery services. Furniture grouping and accessorizing advice, given freely.

The Harrisons run a first class business in a first class way. It is my firm opinion, that while there are other quality reproduction furniture dealers extant, American Furniture and Interiors is the acknowledged leader of the pack. Thank you, George and Linda, for your outstanding additions to our family’s collection, for your knowledge sharing and for your goodwill and friendship. You are truly Beyond the Best!

Bill B.
New York

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the exquisite restoration of the Centennial footstool I chose to pair with the Williamsburg Byrd China Table I acquired from you. I presented both pieces to my wife on her return home with our newborn daughter, Sarah. My wife was especially pleased by your choice of the Scalamandre' Lovebirds fabric. It was a natural pairing with the table.

In reflecting on the many pieces of furniture which you have located for me over the years, I believe these two pieces, though perhaps the smallest in physical size, truly capture the essence of the service you provide. Both pieces were fine reproductions of historically significant originals, in perfect condition and restored to better than original brilliance by you and your craftsmen.

I look forward to continually adding to our collection in the years ahead.

Mark K., M.D.
Philadelphia Main Line, Pennsylvania

Before Restoration
After Restoration
Dressing Table by Saybolt-Cleland

Over the years, I have purchased numerous pieces of furniture as well as accessories from Americana Furniture & Interiors and highly recommend them to those seeking items of superior quality. I've been thrilled with the condition of the furniture and accessories, and find it hard to believe that these pieces have been previously owned. The upholstery work that I have had done through Americana Furniture & Interiors has also been superb.

A passion for traditional furnishings produced by American manufacturers such as Kittinger Furniture, Baker Furniture, Kindel Furniture and Saybolt-Cleland is evident in the encyclopedic knowledge that Americana Furniture & Interiors possesses of Reproduction Programs developed by Colonial Williamsburg, Winterthur, Henry Ford Museum and others.

Lewis F.
Arlington, Virginia

Kittinger CW12 Wing Chair

George, I must thank you again for the upholstery work done on the vintage Kittinger CW12 Wing Chair I purchased from you. You came highly recommended, but I never expected the workmanship on this chair to exceed my expectations. As you know, I live in a historically significant home so it was important that this chair complement its surroundings. In all my dealings with you, you have always shown yourself to be a professional.

Regards, D. R.
"Shirley Hall", Virginia

Winterthur Footstool by Kindel

Israel Sack, America's premier Antique Dealer, said that "No great collection of antiques was ever formed without the assistance of a dealer on whom the collector relied for the dealer's knowledge and good taste." I have relied on George Harrison's knowledge of antiques and Kittinger Furniture as well as a fine esthetic sense for several years. Virtually every fine piece of furniture in my house is attributable to his efforts. It is truly a pleasure, and a relief in this day and age, to deal with someone whose pieces are always better than his description of them.

Thank you George and Linda.

Douglas B., Esquire
Washington, D.C. Area

I would recommend George Harrison of Americana Furniture and Interiors to anyone who wants the finest in American reproduction furniture, accessories and design services.

For over twenty-five years, George has been invaluable in designing and furnishing my homes and offices from my formal living and dining rooms to my game room and pub room, a replica of the Raleigh Tavern taproom in Colonial Williamsburg.

The pieces of furniture and accessories George acquired on my behalf are truly beautiful and rare and represent only the most important antique designs. His knowledge of antiques, both in form and craftsmanship, enable George to choose only the best examples of vintage museum reproductions in the best condition by companies such as Kittinger, Kindel, Baker and Saybolt Cleland Furniture.

William C.
Wellington, Florida

For the past five years, I have purchased many pieces of furniture from George Harrison at Americana Furniture & Interiors. I have had both Kittinger chairs, antique chairs and sofas upholstered in document fabrics by his craftmen. I was so impressed with the true quality of the workmanship, I knew that I could only entrust the fabric selection and reupholstery work on my historically important Antique Newport Sofa to George. Thank you again.

Rebecca T.
South Carolina

Before Re-upholstery
After Re-upholstery
Antique Newport Sofa
D303 Breakfront Bookcase by Kittinger

Thank you again for the lovely Kittinger D303 breakfront bookcase. It arrived safely, as you assured me it would, and has taken its proper place in the livingroom. It is more handsome and in better condition than I could have hoped, ideally preserved with just the right amount of patina. It was a pleasure working with you, and you will no doubt hear from us soon, so that we can add additional pieces to our collection!

Kind regards,

Andrew B.
Portland, Ore.

Williamsburg Fireplace Fender by Virginia Metalcrafters

My jaw dropped when I came upon your website, especially when I saw the Williamsburg Fireplace Fender by Virginia Metalcrafters. We had been looking for one for close to two years. My wife and I are very impressed with your knowledge and are certainly happy you take your interest and work seriously. You're one of kind. Thank you for setting your standards high.

You will be happy to know that we are also enjoying our additional purchases from you as well.


Warren S.